10 May 2019

An opportunity has come up to take a much larger studio space at the Bridge studios and, after a lot of thought and discussion with my family, I've decided to take it!

I've loved having my shipping container studio at the Bone Yard but one of the main growth areas of my business has been the jewellery and enamelling workshops I've run there. Obviously the space is limited and so too is the type of workshops I can do in a confined space with a wooden floor and walls. My new studio has a concrete floor, areas that will be great for hotworking, is well ventilated and is about 4 times the size of my current space.

There's lots of work to do to clean and tidy up the new space, I'm going to be decorating and putting in workbenches over the summer and also buying new equipment. In between the fairs, festivals and events I'm booked onto, I'll also be trialling some brand new workshops before I launch a new programme in the autumn.

I'm very excited about it all and I'll be posting regular updates of my progress so watch this creative space!

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