Silver, copper and enamelled jewellery and small metalwork, using reclaimed and recycled metal

I work in copper, silver and enamel and use recycled or reclaimed metal, wherever possible. My work is frequently nostalgic, taking inspiration from book illustrations, maps, vintage ceramics and fabrics. I like to combine traditional metal working & enamelling techniques with collage and digital design tools. Previously based at Flameworks Creative Arts Facility, in Devon, I moved to Wales in 2017 and currently have a studio on Western Avenue, in Cardiff. I sell my work online via my Folksy store, through monthly markets at the Bridge Studios and through selected shops and galleries.

Having my own studio allows me to run small-group workshops in enamelling and jewellery making. Students at the workshops enjoy the creative atmosphere, the opportunity to use a range of metal working tools and the chance to learn a new skill or just try something different. I love seeing the range of things that students make as well as the ideas and creativity that they bring to the workshops. The small group sessions ensure that everyone gets the attention they deserve and everyone goes home with one or more completed items of jewellery. I am always happy to welcome visitors to my studio and I enjoy the chance to talk about my work, regardless of whether or not you are looking to buy a piece of jewellery

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Have a go at

Have a go at Enamelling

A 3 hour workshop, suitable for complete beginners, enamelling on copper with kiln-fired vitreous enamel. Participants will experiment with various decorative techniques and will complete several pieces of jewellery to take home.

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Jewellery from
Reclaimed Copper

Jewellery from Reclaimed Copper

You will use traditional metalworking tools and techniques to turn copper reclaimed from electrical cable and heating pipes into a bracelet and a pendant or a pair of earrings. You will learn how to soften and shape wire, texture metal sheet and use a piercing saw to cut out shapes.

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Copper Bowls

Miniature Copper Bowls

This workshop introduces you to basic metalworking techniques which have been used for centuries to form copper. Cutting a disk from a flat sheet of metal, through successive rounds of heating and beating the metal you will create your own little bowl.

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Transparent enamels
and recycled silver

Transparent Enamels

You will be melting down some scrap pieces of fine silver into an unpredictable shape and then reforming it to make a pendant or perhaps a pair of earrings. Then you’ll add some colour with transparent enamels and create a finished piece of jewellery.

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Raku fired enamel
soap dishes


On this workshop you will get the chance to have a go at a variety of metal working techniques and some enamelling. At the end of the final firing of your bowl, we will have a go at the raku technique, borrowed from ceramics, which uses smoke to achieve an unpredictable lustrous finish.

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Bespoke workshop

Bespoke one-to-one or group workshops can be arranged to suit your needs. Ideal for families or groups of friends, wanting to spend some time together, doing something creative.

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My work is available to buy online, as well as from the shops and galleries listed below. You can buy from me in person at fairs and events throughout the year. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for the latest information about events that I will be attending.

  • A lot of my work is available to order from my Folksy online shop
  • Rabbit Rabbit in Tavistock Pannier Market stocks a selection of my earrings
  • Balm Jewellery at Taurus Crafts, in the Forest of Dean stocks a range of my work
  • I regularly trade at The Bone Yard Craft Market. Keep an eye on my Facebook, for dates
  • I also trade and demonstrate at the St Fagan's Maker's Market


Drop me a line, or visit my studio!
(Always best to check I'm going to be in, first)


The Bridge Studios, 454 Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF5 3BL